What does MyGolana represent?

MyGolana is dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and empathetic place for members of its community to embark on their personal journey of achieving mental and emotional wellness. We endeavor to help members of our community learn the skills they need to find and build their own "MyGolana" place in their minds and hearts. Thus, we encourage everyone to "Journey towards Wellness. Find your Golana."


What does Golana mean?

Golana is simply the reverse of Analog. Our founder loves to hike and camp and his favorite T-shirt is one which depicts a peaceful camping scene in nature. The word Analog is spelled out. This word reminds us of the importance of keeping our connection to Nature, and the importance of taking part in natural, analog experiences, no matter where we are, and no matter how digital the world becomes.


When brushing his teeth one morning, while wearing this T-shirt, our founder saw the word golana reflected back at him from the mirror, and that became the inspiration for the name of our company.


We also discovered later that Golana is also a somewhat obscure old Hebrew name for girls meaning Refuge.


Golana is also the name of a talented Native American musician and flutist. According to his website, Golana is a member of the Deer Clan West of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. Links to his wonderful music are provided in our Resources page.


These are all wonderful and applicable meanings for the word Golana.

Why does the logo feature a ladybug?


Ladybugs have traditionally been symbols of good luck and joy, and have inspired and comforted generations of children. We also just really wanted a ladybug in our logo. We think it looks great and it makes us happy.

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